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Inconsistent dependency when i do terraform apply or terraform plan

After I added new data resources for the lambda as below and ran terraform plan

data "archive_file" "add_reader_instance" {
   type        = "zip"
  source_file = local.my_file
  output_path = local.my_zip

what i got is this

Error: Inconsistent dependency lock file
│ The following dependency selections recorded in the lock file are inconsistent with the current configuration:
│   - provider registry.terraform.io/hashicorp/archive: required by this configuration but no version is selected
│ To update the locked dependency selections to match a changed configuration, run:
│   terraform init -upgrade

What you can do to resolve is either you can do terraform init or terraform init -upgrade . If you still not able to solve the issue please do reply to this thread to seek additional support from us.