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TMUX Cheat Sheet


**Table of Contents**

* [General Usage](#general-usage)
* [Shortcuts](#shortcuts)
* [Commands](#commands)
* [Scripting tmux](#scripting-tmux)
* [Configuring tmux](#configuring-tmux)
* [Further Resources](#further-resources)

General Usage

* Start a tmux session with

   ``` sh
  • Select text in a tmux window with your mouse by holding the SHIFT key (Windows) or the OPTIONS key (Mac) and then using the mouse as you’d normally do


Key(s) Description
CTRL+b <command> sends <command> to tmux instead of sending it to the shell
General Commands
? shows a list of all commands (qcloses the list)
: enter a tmux command
Working with Windows
c creates a new window
, rename current window
p switch to previous window
n switch to next window
w list windows (and then select with arrow keys)
Working with Panes
% split window vertically
- split window horizontally
requires bind - split-window -v in our .tmux.conf
go to right pane
go to left pane
go to upper pane
go to lower pane
Working with Sessions
d detach from session


Command Description
tmux -s creates a new session with name <SESSION NAME>
tmux list-sessions lists all currently running tmux sessions
tmux attach -t attach to the session called <SESSION NAME>

Scripting TMUX

Starting multiple commands in multiple panes

Start a new tmux session with tmux before running the script!

# start a new tmux session and detach from it
tmux new-session -d -s session1

tmux rename-window 'my window'
tmux send-keys 'echo "pane 1"' C-m

tmux select-window -t session1:0
tmux split-window -h
tmux send-keys 'echo "pane 2"' C-m

tmux split-window -h
tmux send-keys 'echo "pane 3"' C-m

# we want to have notifications in the status bar, if there are changes in the windows
tmux setw -g monitor-activity on
tmux set -g visual-activity on

tmux select-layout even-horizontal

# select the first window to be in the foreground
tmux select-window -t session:1

# attach our terminal to the tmux session
tmux -2 attach-session -t cflogs

Configuring TMUX

You can configure tmux via the ~/.tmux.conf file. After making changes to the config file, you can update the configuration “on-the-fly” with

tmux source ~/.tmux.conf

Changing the default prefix


set -g prefix C-a

to change the default prefix from CTRL + b to CTRL + a. Optionally you can “free” the default binding with

unbind C-b

Key Bindings

You can add / alter tmux’s key bindings with the following command

bind | split-window -h

this binds the split window -h command to the | key.

Adding Mouse Support for Mac OS X

In order to have mouse support in Mac OS X, you can add the following lines to your config file:

set -g mode-mouse on
set -g mouse-resize-pane on
set -g mouse-select-pane on
set -g mouse-select-window on