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Transferring A Domain From Hostinger

Transferring A Domain From Hostinger

Step 1: To access the Hostinger login page, click here. When prompted, log into your Hostinger Account:

Step 2: Click Domains from the menu after logging into your Account.
You may get a list of all the domains registered in your Hostinger account on the following page.

Locate the domain that you want to move away from Hostinger, and then click on it.

Step 2: See the Secret key on the Domain Overview page and select Show to display it.

Your authentication code will be shown. To move the domain away from Hostinger, apply this code at the new registrar.


All new gTLD domains, including those ending in.com,.net,.org, us,.biz,.info,.me,.co,.io,.ca,.tv,.in,.mobi,.cc,.pe,.com.pe,.net.pe,.org.pe,.tech,.top,.party,.loan, and Contact your Registrar and ask for an EPP code if you are unable to do so through your account.

Step 3: The last step is to unlock your domain while on the Domain Overview page. To turn it to disabled, go to the Transfer lock section and click the toggle.